Monday, October 4, 2010

Will miss Harry Potter

House-elfs,Dementors, Peeves,Snape, Mrs Norris, Dumbeldore ,Ron, Harry I will miss you all . Above all, I will miss Hermione who has been my favorite in Harry Potter series.

I started recently with Harry Potter after resisting it for years . My impression of it being Kids book changed after reading first few pages of Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone . From that moment, I was hooked to it .Thanks to my hubby and Rashmi my friend who always wanted me to start reading it.

After 7 novels and 5 dvds, marathon of harry potter ends. I loved the feeling of being in magical world where just pointing the wand and saying "lumos" will light the room or saying Accio and object name will get the object flying to your hand (Considering how forgetful I am about where I keep my things, wish this charm really worked:()

Me and Sudhir had started talking in Harry Potter language. We are still working on inventing parseltongue without much success. How I wish there was unending supply of harry Potter books.

Now my wait starts for the next and the last movie "Deathly hallows" to be released in November. I am eagerly waiting to see the end of Voldemort on big screen. It is fun to watch the movies to see the visual representation of novels but movies lack the detailing and the ability to take you to magical world the way novel does.

I guess it is better to stop talking about Harry Potter else I will also end up writing 7 volumes:) So here is me casting silencing charm.. SILENCIO

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Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Harry Potter too. I too kept delaying reading the last book cause I just didn't want it to end.

And you're right. The movies are just not the same.