Thursday, November 21, 2013


Yes, I have been away from writing blogs. But, I have not been away from reading them. I read my blog roll religiously everyday. Make note of things I should write and then be lazy about it.

Today, a friend tagged me to write, things about me which people might not know, on FB and I kept on writing. I realized , how much I missed writing here. Here's what I wrote

I am tagged to write things about me, which people might not know.So, here is my attempt at it-

1. Many have told me that I give a first impression of being quiet, serious and headstrong. I talk endlessly and laugh at the stupidest things with my friends. I love to crack PJs (not Pajama , Poor jokes-Silly;). But, I do take time to open up to people.

2. I dreamed of being a homemaker from as long as long as I could remember. Thanks to all the Hindi movies I watched, I wanted to cook, welcome my husband when he comes home, take care of kid-blah blah, you get the picture- Tried it for few months and totally failed at it, I would curl up in bed with a book/laptop- So much for dreams coming true!

3. I take my job seriously. I am the happiest when loaded with work which I love doing. I am not denying –Money is a bonus, but even if I had all the money in the world, I would still work with same passion.

4. I was never an “oh-so-cute-baby “person. I never picked up babies in bus/train or looked at a baby and said- “ohh.. I want one”. I love Stuthi with all my heart, but I still am far from being kid -friendly person.

5. I am a very romantic person. I love candle light dinner, walk in the park holding hands, talk sweet nothings- Sudhir, are you reading this?;) But, these days, quiet after Stuthi is asleep sounds more romantic than anything else.

6. I will always feel bad about–not being good at dancing or singing. Don’t get me wrong-I have joined every class I could think of-Salsa, Jazz, traditional- I am bad at all of it equally. Only person who loves to hear me sing is Sudhir (Blush), but then, I am not sure if he actually listens!