Monday, April 25, 2011

This month, a year ago...

This month, a year ago, I got married. I remember the crazy month –wedding preparation, excitement yet sadness of leaving my parents, the big fat Indian wedding/reception, all the traveling, biding good bye to friends/relatives, first step to an unknown land with someone I knew only for few months yet vowed to spend the rest of my life. All seems like yesterday..

Life has changed so much since then. I read many blogs about if the marriage changes people. I have to say, it surely does. It depends on an individual to have positive or negative perspective about it. I have changed as a person. Marriage has taught me the value of relationships and lifelong commitments.

I feel the first year of marriage is very important because this is the time, you start seeing each other in the light of reality than have those dreamy version of the person you always hoped to be with. If it is an arranged marriage like mine, I would say, it is the time to know the person better. I guess, in love marriage it would work bit differently, where this is the time not to set the expectations too high.

I find it amazing, how each day passes and you grow closer to one another. For me, it is the small things that he does - The way he gets up early so that I can catch up on my early morning sleep, notes on the kitchen mirror, and the flowers, way he takes care of me when I am not well, more than anything, love with which he looks at me each and every day.

Yet, we could set a world record for arguments/fights we have. Sometimes I feel like we can never make it work, I see other couple and think that it is only us who fight (especially in the first year of marriage). We know that we are so different from each other, he cannot stay awake late and I cannot sleep early, I am not much into traditions and he is, I cannot live without eating fish/chicken and he is a vegetarian.. List goes on and on. Again, the small things, just like the good-small things these are I so hate you-small things.

But, at the end of the day, I know that we are crazy about each other. Every relationship needs working towards keeping it a happy one and our journey is just a year old . We will learn together as we grow, and we will grow as we learn.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Counselors

Yesterday was one of those days were nothing seemed right in life. I felt, I had the worst of jobs/ I missed my life in India/ I felt , I am not a good wife .. the list goes on. I can blame it on lady hormones or whatever they call it which makes us, ladies, react this way. Even the glorious win by India could not cheer me up, I guess lack of sleep only made me more cranky. Poor husband as always was the target of my outburst. Sleeping/crying nothing seemed to help...

So , I went to meet my counselors. Let me introduce you to them .

Crab and Shrimp cakes: Loads of caloreies, but who cares. By the end of my visit to them, I almost could hear myself talking positively. Yet , I was not my original self ,so I went to the next counselor.

Chicken schnitzel : This is served with a portion of mashed potatoes and Cabbage. Who needs Cabbage when you want to feel better, so I replaced the cabbage with extra portion of mashed potatoes.

After this , I was back to my cheery self almost instantly. I called up my husband and even cracked a joke or two! If only I knew about these counselors on Friday evening!A big thanks to Gustav's and my counselors .