Friday, October 22, 2010

New Job,new place

Yes, after six months of being a house wife/job seeker/H4 visa holder, I found a job and got my work visa done. Only down side, I will be moving away from home :-(

I am excited/worried/happy and sad. I am not sure how to describe this feeling. I used to feel the same way each time I left for hostel from home when I was in college. I have found a new roommate there, who sounded very nice and fun. So, that is a kind of relief . Now, life is getting hectic all of a sudden. Planning for the things to be packed,documents to be carried and lots of shopping done. I am not even half way done:( Still, I am here reading blogs and wanted to write because I will not be able to do so for a while.

I hope everything goes smoothly and I adjust well to the new place. Once I am settled there, I plan to write a very long post on H4 to H1b process which I hope will help all the housewives on H4 who are also looking for H1b


Anonymous said...

How far is it??????????? And how will your hubby manage without out?

Unknown said...

Hi Prathima, I have found your blog a few days back.The most interesting ones are about H4 Visa.I am also a victim of H4 visa...:-(..Your positive attitude is really admirable..It would be really inspiring for me and all those who are on H4 if you could explain your journey from H4 to H1 conversion..:-)...