Thursday, January 24, 2008

Galipata movie review

short and sweet(???);) review of kannada movie Galipata :

It was as hard as flying a kite in rough wind to get the tickets for Galipata. Luck was on our side as we managed to get the tickets but of course at a hefty price L

Fortunately our efforts didn’t go in vain as the movie lived up to the expectation. Good direction, excellent cinematography combined with nice dialogue delivery by Ganesh made the movie worth the bucks spent on it.

Movie started with funny note, each time when we felt that movie is taking the usual course there was some new twist . Excluding some drama about wild pig and exaggerated emotional sequence at the end, movie can be categorized as time pass movie worth a watch. Songs were not great coming from Mungaru Male crew but it was masked by excellent camera works during the song sequence.

Now listening to one of the better song of the movie “Minchagi Neenu…” . I am happy to be able to see kannada movies and to write reviews of it without feeling that I should have gone for a Hindi/English movie instead. There is a wave of change in Kannada Film industry with movies like Milana, Mungaru Male and now added to the list is galipata.