Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Birthday

Something is different this year, I am not excited about my coming birthday the way I usually used to be.

From the day I remember, birthday was always a special day for me. My shopping would start at least 2 weeks in advance and I would have a list of things to do on that day. Most of the times, things would not go according to the plan but still I have not missed the preparation part of it. Beauty parlor appointments/planning treats to friends/guessing what surprises my roommates are planning/Sweets to take to office/waiting for mid night calls , list goes on and on.

This year, I haven't decided on what will I be wearing / where and how will we celebrate it. I guess I am getting older and no more looking forward to celebrating it. But, I do miss that excitement and hope to get it back by Thursday


Anonymous said...

Of course you will! I can bet on it.

Meanwhile here are some advance B'day wishes!!!

Prathima said...

Thanks Nilu for your wishes:)