Thursday, September 2, 2010

On H4 visa -Top 5 amusing Suggetions

Every day I receive different suggestions from my friends/family on what to do with my free time while I am at home. I have acted on few of them and they have really helped me cope with jobless feeling during past few months. However, there have been few suggestions which really amazed me when I listened to it. So here is the top 5 ,

#5- Shop-After shopping for wedding, I am in no mood to shop for at least an year now. I am sure people realize what that feeling is, if they have shopped for their wedding recently.

#4 -Join dance class- Good suggestion.. but may be for someone else . People who know me would definitely know that I can't dance even if my life depended on it

#3-Sleep- I am good at this one but not so much that I can spend months together sleeping.

#2-Help your husband with his office work-I am in Software Industry and Sudhir works for mechanical firm. Guess that explains why it is ranked second;-)

#1- Have a baby- This tops the chart hands down:-). I have heard many reasons to plan for a baby but from was being jobless one of them?

I am sure people who had suggested these had my good interest in their heart. I just found them amusing as they did not fit me.

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