Thursday, September 16, 2010

On H4 - Interview experience

Till now ,I have attended around 5 interviews over phone. Most of them ended when they ask me about the visa status. I really do not understand why can't they refer to the forms which I would have filled before calling up for the interview. Anyways, no harm done . I take these interview experience as motivation to study.

However, Interviews here in US is very much different from the ones I faced in India. Questions they ask is more towards behavioral side than technical . I found the interview pattern quite impressive compared to the one in India. Here, you can not answer the questions until you have actually been in such situations where as anyone who has studied for few days can answer the interview questions in India. This is my opinion from whatever little experience I gained from attending interviews.

You have your own advantages and disadvantages when you are not employed during interview phase. Advantage is , you get more time to prepare for the interview .Reading articles about latest developments in your area of expertise, Understanding the requirement of the current position which you are being interviewed for etc. However, main disadvantage is that you are low on self confidence and pretty much desperate to get the job(especially when you are on H4).

Once I get a mail from the recruiter confirming the interview schedule , I would go on a reading spree. I would get all the related technical books from library and have a schedule to learn all of them. Just the way I had done for my examination in engineering. Then , I browse in the net for most frequently asked questions and for any details I can get about the interview process in particular company. There were times when Sudhir would come home and find me reading in same position which I was in when he had left for work. I would hardly cook or do anything except preparing for the interview.

So, obviously it hurts when the interviewer calls up and ends the call after hearing my visa status. Of course he would apologize for not reading my resume completely(arggg!!!). I would be so disappointed but everything seems ok when Sudhir takes me out (thank god for it)

Next day, again I am back to my job hunt with same enthusiasm. I can remember only one interview which didn't end as fast but they wanted different skill sets which was not my area of work.

I hope there will be many chances to clear an interview in future. I really hope there is a job in US waiting for me..

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