Friday, September 24, 2010

Love to blog

My new indulgence is to spend at least an hour a day reading others blogs and then try coming up with something of my own if I feel like it.

All this started few months back when I saw blogs of people whom I know were good at it. It was fun reading their experience and views. I loved the idea of marveling on things at later stage of your life by reading your blogs. So I started scribbling too.

However, I soon realized that some people might think that I am snooping on them though I had no such intentions. I just loved reading and stupid enough not to know which blogs to read. That's right! Being a novice to blogs,I was not aware that I could even read blogs of people I dint know(Yes! that was stupid of me).

One fine day I hit on "Next" button in my blog and whew! I was opened to new world! So many people and blogs. I loved reading them and time started flying by. However, I made sure they are fine with people visiting their blog.

I have many favorite writers now and enjoy being a part of blogging world. I hope I have the same enthusiasm for writing /reading in coming days. I was never a good writer and I am sure I am too lazy to improve on it. But, I am here to put down my thoughts and to read it when I am 60 or so. So, surely my writing skills will not be a big deal then . will it?:)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Prathima!

Of course there is no harm in reading other people's blogs. If they didn't want you to read, they would have the blog set to "private".

I, for one, am so glad you found my blog. At one time, I searched so much for fellow Indian bloggers in Illinois, but never found anybody. So I am so glad you read mine. And from now on, I am a regular reader of yours!

Your blog reminds me of my early days in the US and I feel so nostalgic! Please keep writing!