Monday, June 13, 2011

Weight check

It has been a while since I have blogged ,lot of things to blog about. But for now, I am so excited about my new diet that I can not think about anything else to blog.

I have started with 7 day raw food challenge . I think I just got tired of seeing the weight scale showing me increased number each time I step on it and decided to do something about it. This diet is designed to eat only salad/soup and fruits in raw form, lazy me is happy that I would not have to cook:)

I thought it would be challenging to get Sudhir agree with my plan. He is a firm believer in not being picky about food. But, amazingly , he was super supportive .

More than the diet, it is the grocery shopping that is tiring. We need to eat a lot to get the required calories for the day out of these green veggie and fruits. We got the print out of recipe, started our shopping yesterday evening. It is not easy when you do not know half of the things which you are shopping for. For example, celtic sea salt, kayle.. anyone heard of these?? Our cart was filled with so many new things , I almost got scared thinking about eating it.

Do not get me started on the organic product prices, I mean who would pay 4$ for so called organic cucumber? Believe it or not the first day shopping cost of organic vegetable was equal to the entire week grocery amount when we go for non organic.

Anyways, coming back to the diet, this is my first day and I have started eating those weird looking green leaves. Now, don't blame me, I was never in to having salads before. This is my first time at having celery, but it doesn't taste all that bad!

So the day one is almost over , 6 more days to go.
Starting weight :68 kg


Chakoli said...


weight reduction :)

good good

best of luck :)

I have been trying that but I can't diet so exercise is must :D :D
I m waiting fr ur results :D

may be I get motivated :D

Prathima said...

Hi Chakoli,

I can not exercise so diet is the only way:)

I have tried things before on my own but nothing helped. This program has so much support from others in the program that it is fun:)

Let me see how this goes.... will surely keep posting the result.