Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weight Check-Day 3

My body - Why are you feeding me all the weird stuff, I want to eat yummy dishes you have prepared for Sudhir.

Me- ha, ha, you won't get it. Shed the fat or else you will suffer more.

My body - No, I beg you .

Me- here comes your salad for tonight.

My body- You think, I will obey you .. muahhhhhhhh.. eat all the stupid food you want, I will still be same.
Me : Please nooo, I beg you
My body: muahhhhhaahh

So, this is my state. I am supposed to be detoxing by now and supposed to start losing weight. But my body refuses to budge. It is happy with the food it is getting and does not mind it! It refuses to lose weight or at least show some signs that I am on healthy diet. Unlike others in the challenge who are feeling energy boost, clear skin etc

I am so sad, but I wont give up.

After 3 days, I have not even lost a kilo (not even a pound!). So that is my story on Day 3. Today is the Day 4, so far so good . I haven't cheated yet!


Chakoli said...

Read ur day 2 and day 3 post...

good good going :)
loved it :)

dont worry dnt be sad... sadness attracts more food :D
be happy and keep on munching raw :D

Prathima said...

Thank you soo much Chakoli , I need all the support I can get.
Yes, still munching on veggies:)

Harsh & Raw said...

Go you! You have amazing discipline.

Prathima said...

Thanks TWC , I am not disciplined at all, but this time there is no go. I do not want to touch that 70 kg mark!!!!:(

The Wild Child said...

Touched AND crossed it....72 kgs here. You know what, you've inspired me to get off my @ss. Let's do this together. I'll post my weekly progress on my blog (to get shamed in making PROGRESS). Can't do daily because it's too fickle....and too short a time-frame to make progress.

(I have no clue where this Harsh & Raw stuff is coming from....)

Prathima said...

TWC, wow that's great that you will also join me.:) All the very best to you.. I will visit your blog for progress:)

(even i wondered about Harsh&Raw stuff!If you had not signed your comment, I would have deleted it!:)