Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Check- Day 2

I completed the day 2 without much problems. I had Fruits for breakfast, weird looking but not so bad tasting green smoothie for lunch , Soup and big salad for dinner. The program is designed such that we can have any amount of raw food and limited quantity of nuts and seeds, unlimited soup/green smoothie.

The package comes with the online forum where you can interact with the other participants on the challenge , post blogs or add friends. I was amazed to see the entire group consisted of only ladies! I guess, men never feel the need to reduce weight(That is what Sudhir says:)

So, every small problems we face are discussed here, like someone felt she would die if she does not eat a chocolate immediately (you get the idea;). It is stupid , but it is fun to see so many people doing the same thing as you do and helps you stay on Track.

We go for shopping fresh vegetables every day and have started liking the experience. We stare at all weird looking veggies and laugh. Some look like small Christmas trees ( I mean, Kale). I found a new nut which tastes amazing and is healthy (Pine nuts)

Most difficult part is to pass the Chocolate row in super market and not buy it. But, I think about myself minus all the additional weight and the temptation goes away!

Cooking for Sudhir has taken a hit :( From last two days he is cooking his food as I can not cook the food and not feel like having it. I think I am feeling much better today interms of cravinga and I can cook something special.

So I am on Day 3 today, will blog about it tomorrow. So far so good:)


Raam Pyari said...

great! keep going! if will complete it with flying colors! asheerwaad from fellow blogger

Prathima said...

Thanks RP for Asheerwad, very much need it;)