Friday, July 15, 2011

Loveit?Hate it?

Because of my new job role, I do not have to be in office if I chose not to. So, I kind of have this love-hate relationship with working from home.

- I miss walking to a colleague's desk for a pending work and look at her like a cute puppy to get the answer.

- I hate listening to a voice mail of a colleague when I want to reach him/her immediately.

- I miss the lunch breaks where we girls would vow to go on diet and then share cheese quesadilla.

- I miss the early morning wishes before we start work, which used to end only when someone had to rush for a meeting.

- I hate waking up and logging in to meetings. Believe me, it is not as nice as it sounds:(

- I hate working from bed (trying to change it!), I feel like a lazy woman without any purpose in life!

- I love working from home when I have lot of work, I can shut down everything around( which is nothing) and just concentrate.

- I love welcoming Sudhir home in the evening .

- I love the long walks and badminton games in the evening which would not have happened if I had to drive home from work.

- I hate being so close to the kitchen that each time I feel like taking a break, I just go and open the kitchen shelf.

- I love listening to music loud when I am working. Listening on ear phone at office is so not same.

- I hate hearing my mom say "You are home all day, why don't you cook something nice!"- Hello!!, I am home, but I do work!

- I love talking to my mom/mil in the mornings (their night time) , so we do not have to rush to their cooking and not get enough time for my call.

- I hate knowing, Sudhir is the only person I see the entire day , until my walk .

It amazes me how much additional time we get if we do not have to drive to office. Time to get organized and use all that courses I took on Time management?


Raam Pyari said...

i can sometimes work from home and i identify with all the points you have mentioned here!

Sanjana said...

i work from home too occasionally. And that's the way I like it... occasionally.

If it's everyday, it gets too quiet and I miss the interaction with people.

Prathima said...

RP, Sanjana: I feel the same, WFH is fun occasionally, but doing it everyday is boring. I promise to drive to work soon:)- i am telling it from quite a long time now:(

~anu~ said...

i know i know, been there before.. and i too hated it. and also, on the days when i had loads of work and was concentrating, i used to realize that i was sitting on the same place on the couch all day without eating or even moving.. and that often ended in backache. On top of it, colleagues say WFH is 'whatever' from home.. so while you might have worked your a$$ off, sometimes you still may not get the due respect.
Nicely put. I could relate to all the points.

Prathima said...

Anu, yes , I missed that. Friends ask me often how much "actual work " I do when I am at home !!

Chakoli said...

yeah indeed even I wud agree on each point mentioned here whenI wfh :)

Raajii said...

I think once in a while working from home is nice. Not sure about everyday.