Monday, July 11, 2011

30 Day Walk challenge

I am not much of an exerciser. These days, working from home gets me all cranky . Going for shopping/Movie does not seem to help.

Yesterday, I went for a long walk listening to my favorite song these days and felt so good after that. I would love to continue this habit , what better way to start it than take on a challenge . Looks like I kind of like these challenges and can be very disciplined til I complete it.

So, here I start my 30 day walk challenge, each day I will walk for an hour , explore new places click pictures if I find something interesting.

My 10 day juice challenge will start on August 1. I am so looking forward to it...:)


Chakoli said...

all chahalenges... just one after the other..


good going
do post some pics for us :D

Prathima said...

Thanks Chakoli, no other go:( I have to do it else I will be 70 kgs( I don't know why I am so scared of that number) Just like age 30:(