Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sister of my heart- Review

In the Library, this novel caught my eye. I did not think twice before picking it up when I saw that it is from an Indian Author. I was hooked on to it from the moment I started reading it.

Story is about two cousins born on the same day, Sudha and Anju. Along with the birth date, they also shared a misfortune of losing their father on same day. Raised by their mothers and an aunt, they had to lead a life fearing the society and trying to live up to the expectation of well known family in Calcutta. Their childhood passes by being inseparable from each other, sharing everything they had until Sudha comes to know about the secret of their birth. From this time on, Sudha makes sure Anju gets all the happiness so much so that she even sacrifices her love for it. Story takes a turn when they get married and separate. How the circumstances divide their loyalty between friendship and their new families, how they survive the difficult times of their life and love each other unconditionally just the way when they were kids is the backbone of the story.

I loved the narration by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This novel makes you feel the love Sudha and Anju share in each and every page. I read many pages with tears in my eye, when Sudha was forced to get married/abort a baby, Anju has a miscarriage because she works too hard to support Sudha with her struggle to fight against the world to keep her baby alive.

The novel talks about all the hardship women go through,yet how they manage to survive for their loved ones. Book is all about Love,Sacrifice friendship and Loyalty. A must read.

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