Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Childhood friend...

I don't know why I started thinking about this friend of mine. It has been ages since I have spoken to her.

I remember our childhood days. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I always wanted to look like her(though I knew I could not). She used to come to our house to talk to me and we would talk about anything and everything under the sun. She was older than I, but it never was a problem. I would try to understand when she spoke about marriage/kids and she would bear with my school stories.

I have the bits and pieces of memory from those days..

We used to watch tv endlessly at my place/hers (That explains why I was never into any sports).
We used to enact this stupid song every time it played on tv.
We had a favorite recipe i.e Top Ramen noodle. (That was all we knew to cook)
We used to study together(ya!!true)
We were crazy about cricket. South Africa was her favorite and I struggled to find a team other than India .
I used to get jealous when she went to meet another friend of hers in our neighborhood.
We used to do many stupid things and laugh about it
We had promised about meeting back after 10 years and still be the same
We talked of marrying the same guy!;) so we could be together.

Things changed once I started my college and she got married and moved. Though she used to come to her place once in a while, we started having trouble finding a common topic for us. Sadly, cell phone was not an option those days and I was too lazy to write to her. I was too young to understand the value of friendship.

Now after may be 10 years, we are so apart but memories still make me smile. I realize now, she was my first best friend.


Sucheta said...

Aw this was so cute :)
I had a similar friend from my childhood days..we're still in touch but obviously it's not the same.
I guess memories are priceless :)

Raam Pyari said...

old friends! *sigh*

I am glad, my oldest lives 20 minutes from me even after some 20 years of knowing each other ...( no, I am not 50 years old, i am 27)!

nice blog, btw!

Prathima said...

@Sucheta- Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been reading your blog from sometime. Ya, time changes things but memories remain..

@Ram Pyari - Belated birthday wishes :-) So nice to know that you and your childhood friend are still in touch. Keep it going:)Thank you for dropping by.