Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review of my blog

After Nilu, it was my turn to submit my blog for review here . I like reading their review
because they do not talk about "goody-goody" thing of your blog. Though, I do not particularly like the so called "cool" language they use, I do love to read some honest review of the blogs.

After reading many reviews he has written, my blog did not get so much of bashing as others. Looks like the reviewer din't want to go too harsh on a newbie like me or as he says he was too exhausted to comment.

I agree to few things he said and disagree with some.

- He says , I started blogging because other people I know have them -This is not exactly true,
I started blogging first, then started knowing people who have blogs. None of my friends have blogs (at least not now) nor do they read mine.

-He says, My blog doesn't show the excitement I have- I totally agree. Somehow, when I write things down, things seems less exciting. I am improving on that. It's not problem with my attitude/lack of interest, but has more to do with my writing style.

-He says, I love reading other's blog- yes, I agree. That's how I get to know other's views. I don't think one should have a blog only if he has to say something.

I got a zero star. But , since he says it is a new rank invented just for me, I can not compare my rank with others. But ,I do get the message -There is nothing exciting to return back to my blog. Let's see what others have to say about it...


Gopikaa Ramanan said...

I did read a few of your posts! Negative review thrills us more than a positive review! you agree with me?
Well...keep your blog alive! Good luck!

Prathima said...

Hi Gopikaa,

Thank you so much for reading my posts and leaving a comment behind.

Of course , it is good to know the good as well as bad part of your blog. Keeps you in check:)

phoenikhs said...

Okay. I will give you a 'Meh'!

phoenikhs said...

That is purely on the basis of your latest post out there. :)

Prathima said...

Hi Nikhil,

I did visit your blog and you write well! I have just started my blog journey ,lets hope I improve with time:-)
Thanks for taking time to read and leave a comment.

phoenikhs said...

I was just taunting you on that retort of yours to the review at AAYSR. I mean, that review was just an opinion. If somebody were to criticise my blog, I'd feel offended too. But these things, after a point of time, are merely subjective. So chill, and keep writing.

Prathima said...

Hi Nikhil,

I am not sure why you felt that I was offended! If someone comments on my post or for that matter me (Negative/Positive), I am more than happy to listen to it and then analyze it. :-) I do not get low when I hear something bad . But, I do get excited when I hear something good(to be honest)
Now don't rate my Comment as "MEh". Time to stop..:o