Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I addicted to Blogging?

Can someone get addicted to blog or to be specific reading blogs? Not so long ago, My day used to start with - Check official mail, Check personal mail, Check my Orkut/Facebook then start my work (No Blog!)

Now, my day starts with Check official mail(thankfully, this has not changed), Open my blog -see my blog list , see if the people I follow have posted something interesting (If they have,go and read/comment!). Then, check the time and get psyched about the work to be done. Hurriedly finish reading the personal mail and start my work.

Thanks to all the blogger I follow - Nilu, Shilpa, Preeti,Iya,Monika,Deepika, Swaram, Anu(who is not as regular as others - I started my blog journey reading her blogs , so do miss her blogs).

I love the addiction :-)


Anonymous said...

I think it starts off like that initially...I used to be obsessed with blogs, now I have calmed down a bit, read only selected blogs. It's a nice hobby!

Keep it up!

Scorpio Woperchild said...

Good afternoon, Prathima. You asked, and you have received. Please strap on your helmet and come on over...

Gopikaa Ramanan said...

I just liked your routine --> check official mails, then personal mails, then blog, then fb/orkut! Ever since I started blogging I have been doing the same thing too! Cheers :)