Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Counselors

Yesterday was one of those days were nothing seemed right in life. I felt, I had the worst of jobs/ I missed my life in India/ I felt , I am not a good wife .. the list goes on. I can blame it on lady hormones or whatever they call it which makes us, ladies, react this way. Even the glorious win by India could not cheer me up, I guess lack of sleep only made me more cranky. Poor husband as always was the target of my outburst. Sleeping/crying nothing seemed to help...

So , I went to meet my counselors. Let me introduce you to them .

Crab and Shrimp cakes: Loads of caloreies, but who cares. By the end of my visit to them, I almost could hear myself talking positively. Yet , I was not my original self ,so I went to the next counselor.

Chicken schnitzel : This is served with a portion of mashed potatoes and Cabbage. Who needs Cabbage when you want to feel better, so I replaced the cabbage with extra portion of mashed potatoes.

After this , I was back to my cheery self almost instantly. I called up my husband and even cracked a joke or two! If only I knew about these counselors on Friday evening!A big thanks to Gustav's and my counselors .

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